• Abide by all applicable Legislations, Regulation & other requirements related to product quality, Environment & Operational Health & Safety
  • Incorporate suitable techniques of Quality Improvement, Prevention of Pollution, Prevention of Health & Injury through Process & Product Improvement Techniques
  • Conserve Natural Resources, in Particular, Energy & Raw Materials & Promote Development of Surroundings
  • Eliminate, minimize or control the Environmental Aspects & Impacts as well as OH&S Hazards & Risks as per applicability
  • Providing continuous learning to employees
  • Hazards replace with Hazardous


We are committed for creating a very pleasant experience for our member units through flexible, appropriate and reliable waste-water solutions. Driven by most ethical and professional standards, we develop mutually rewarding relationships with our members, employees and suppliers in order to create leadership, sales, profit.



Our mission is to exceed the expectations of all our” Stakeholders, Employees, Members, Government, Lenders, Suppliers, Society